Friday, January 7, 2011

My afternoons in Huntingdale: The train Sessions

My afternoons in Huntingdale

“Our time is up Dog,” I said to my customer disguised as a Cambodian shrapnel bomb of ill-angled words and sputtering electronic bloops named Boo. He reckons he uses me as his confessional or tour guide. Boo’s first single "Dicksweat" comes out in March.

Boo exclaimed, "Hey Mister C, guard your grill and take a chill pill.”

Boo bumped knuckles and I stepped on to the platform. It was like entering through a portal into nothingness. It was called Huntingdale.

Next thing i knew I was eating at sub-continental cafe with a nun.

“So how can I be of help Sister?”


  1. Hey Stephen, if you're around and or interested I've got a show opening aaaaaaat Craft Vic in Flinders Lane on Thursday night.
    I tried to send you an invitation but couldn't find anywhere to send it.

  2. hi gerry i just discovered how to work this now i have a contact point.