Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Odysseus understood how weak willpower actually is when he asked his crew to bind him to the mast while sailing by the seductive Sirens. Mmmmm willpower something you can never have enough of? I have been reading 'The Lost Books Of The Odyssey' an interesting take on the Greek tale.

working part-time as an outsourcing counselor!

Unconcerned with cash as I am, I have been thinking of working part-time as an outsourcing counselor! Why? Why not!I have been in analysis for a number of years and at my age I need a hobby. This summer I’ve taken to musing about wide-ranging topics that I know nothing about to strangers whilst on public transport. Knowing nothing has never stopped me before. It could conceivably help my patients and myself. I think its a spiffy idea. I’m trying to bring that word back. My fruit trees are running late; be at least another month before I’m eating apples, pears, nectarines, oranges and lemons.
Whatever the case, I managed to pull in some good money travelling between broadmeadows and Cranbourne the other day.I have given up drinking—again.