Sunday, May 29, 2011

Every moment is a golden one

“Psychiatry taught me that you have to come up with your own version of neurotic happiness. I'm never going to be a normal person. No one changes, no one gets better – once you make friends with your neuroses you can plan a life.” John waters. The Guardian.

That’s how I’m feeling tonight, but I might have to book into a therapist. A male one this time, my two previous shrinks have been female. I never thought I’d have to do it again, but the start of winter and lack of light has flattened me out. I feel like I’m walking in custard.

On the up side my orange tree, which I have grown from, a foundling lying in the yard of a a wrecked house is really fruiting up. Homegrown oranges are great, not so sweet, but a real tang. That’s enough for a first blog back. I’m reading many books, russians & eastern europeans. I have written a new album, but decided I will wait till next year before recording it. listening to audio book of 'Brave New World' its rather good. Also listened to keith richard bio, read by johnny depp. very draining, rich drug addicts bragging. does it get worse than that? When he sticks to music. Every moment is a golden one for him who has the vision to recognize it as such. Australian literature is of zero interest to me. 'Cloudlands' or anything by Tim Flanagan or whoever all deadly, and not in the indiginous australian use of that phrase. i quit facebook for good; harder than stopping smoking.

love you, love me,


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  1. What is normal? I do hope you are out of the custard soon though!
    Yum..homegrown fruit is always the best, for me it's been mandarins of late.
    I have to admit to only just getting around to reading, Will It Be Funny Tomorrow, Billy? It was hard to put down! Keep on writing!