Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Odysseus understood how weak willpower actually is when he asked his crew to bind him to the mast while sailing by the seductive Sirens. Mmmmm willpower something you can never have enough of? I have been reading 'The Lost Books Of The Odyssey' an interesting take on the Greek tale.

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  1. I know my willpower has a linmit of seven months. This was also true for my dad. seven months off the ciggies, the booze, etc

    For me its carbies. When i took seven months off them i lost 30kgs which ws life changing as far as engery levels go

    but alas

    seven months is it for me

    does your book.. 'the lost books of the odyssey' have any hints on extending willpower beyond seven months?

    I suppose i could do seven months, take a month or five off, and then do another seven months.. thats one solution :)

    anyway I will look into this book, as it were