Monday, May 28, 2012

My name is Stephen and I am at the age of 59 I am taking stock of my mistakes in life. For thirty years I was a musician a moderately successful one. I lifted black boxes and guitars from one car to another car to another room to another airport and city, world and well you get my drift. I made money and I lost it to hire car, equipment and travel agencies. My hair is silver.

Since my disconnection from social networks, and my loathing of peoples fascination for themselves and other strangers I have reacquainted myself with the idea of conversation and the talking therapy. Consequently, I work as an outsourcing counselor! My life has moved in a challenging new direction. Some division of some city mission project has hired me. Every day I meet my patients on the various lines. I don’t make appointments, you have to buy a ticket and get on board for ‘The Train Sessions’.

It was Montaigne, French nobleman that invented the journal. Supposedly, he was the first memoroirist, a recorder of times, good and bad. His diaries weren’t used to glorify his deeds and he contradicts himself over time. I can identify with this.

I no longer smoke but still worry about losing my balance in the shower and have made a conscious decision to cross roads at the lights and to use the rails when walking down stairways. I keep bathing and shaving to a necessary minimum.