Monday, May 28, 2012

I have been in analysis for a number of years and I am what’s called semi-retired. This summer I’ve taken to musing about wide-ranging topics that I know nothing about to strangers whilst on public transport. Knowing nothing has never stopped me before. It could conceivably help my patients and myself. I believe emotional recovery can be best served in a less officious surrounding and I think that shorter but more intense sessions can be fruitful. As a musician I made a name for myself by injecting a sense of moral ambiguity into pop music. But these days, institutional corruption and moral ambiguity are a given across all the arts.
Well, duh.
It’s sort of thrilling to have a real job-working freelance as an outsourcing counselor. My music career has been consigned to the bin for present. I did a six-week course at a TAFE. It was pretty thorough. Clearly, further study would be helpful, but I’m a rocker and shall learn on the job.
I was running late. I arrived at the Caulfield line and immediately had to make a decision, two hours or an all day card? I might go for a monthly, yearly, or even buy a smart card. I always ride in the carriage second from the front. I don’t know why.

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