Monday, May 28, 2012

The platform was super-crowded with people that caught the same train every day. Jacana is at the beginning of Zone Two; an inviting gateway to the filthy paradise that is Roxburgh Park and Craigieburn. These suburbs are apparently the new fertile spots for the social critics, palm trees slump in the heat from the hotness that comes with being a now suburb. In the newspapers academics are championing the virtues of Jacanas’ pizza shops and walkways over the railway tracks. The walls are camouflaged in brandalism, which is what gets the refugees from East Brunswick all high, horny and woozy. They ‘like’ the lethally complex geopolitical phenomenon that is Jacana. The train ground to a halt. A neon message flashed across the overhead screen, Trains running late are unlikely to make up time.
What else? More people than you think sleep standing up on peak hour trains. The whole episode is a little like ‘Alice in Wonderland’ after Alice had disappeared down the hole.

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